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Municipal Sections of Lefkada

Municipality of Lefkada

Municipality of Lefkada consists of 7 Communities (Lefkada, Apolpena, Tsoukalades, Aghios Nikitas, Kalamitsi, Alexandros, Nikiana, Katouna-Ligia, Kariotes). The town of Lefkada is the capital of the Prefecture and the main gate of the island. It is the economic and administrative seat of the Prefecture of Lefkada, surrounded by the ravishing water mirrors: the channel and the lagoon.

Its urban tissue follows the urban planning of Medieval Europe. The land planning was designed by Venetians and reminds, as it is said, of a fishbone composing the historical center of the modern capital.

The traditional multi colored houses and the churches (Vasilikes), dress the narrow streets mixed with the scent of flowers and the colorful gardens. Do not forget to visit the Archeological Museum, the Public Library which exhibits the Collection of Post Byzantine Icons of Heptanisian Art, and the Castle of Aghias Mavras. On the east side of the island, you can find the most modern marina of Greece, which can host 620 yachts offering the highest level of service. The island has spectacular beaches for swimming like Kastro, Gira, Aghios Ioannis, Pefloulia, Aghios Nikitas, Mylos and the well known Kathisma.

Municipality of Lefkada: +30.26453 60500-8

Municipality of Apollonia

Municipality of Apollonia, seated in Vassiliki, consists of 13 Communities and 20 settlements (Aghios Elias, Agios Petros-Ponti- Roupakias, Syvota, Kontarena, Komelio, Marantochori, Nikoli, Manassi- Aghios Vasilios, Sivros, Chortata) and embodies all the south valley, a huge fertile field, the high mountains down from the Central part of Lefkada, the peaceful southeast island’s coasts, the peninsula and the Cape of Lefkata with its white wild rocks, ending up to the steep west coasts forming the most beautiful beaches of the island. A scenery full of crystal waters, rich vegetation, magnificent forests, canyons and caverns.

Its seat Vassiliki, met an important tourist development, having one of the best beaches for windsurfing, in the Mediterranean Sea.

In municipality of Apollonia , you can also find Porto Katsiki beach which has been voted one of the best in the Mediterranean Sea. Equally, you can visit the paradise beaches of Egremnoi, Gialos and Agiofilli.

You will also be amazed by the Cape of Lefkata, where according to the legend, the poet Sappho fell from its wild rocks for her redemption, in order to escape from her love with Faonas, the springs of Kerassia and the forest of Dafni in Sivros.

Municipality of Apollonia: +30.26453 61000
31082 Vasiliki

Municipality of Ellomenos

Municipality of Ellomenos consists of 9 Communities (Nydri, Vafkeri, Vlichos, Katochori, Neochori, Platistoma, Poros, Fterno, Charadiatika).

The seat of Ellomenos is the community of Nydri, an area with rich vegetation and magical sceneries, full of divine bays, clean beaches, magnificent coastal, mountainous and semi mountainous fields and scenic small villages. Nydri is the most developed tourist summer resort of Lefkada’s Perfecture.

Every summer is full of tourist enjoying the excellent organized hotels, rooms to rent, restaurants, clubs, water sports, along with the unique view of Vlichos bay and its surroundings. In its front, islands in different sizes lie all over…

Madouri of Valaoritis family, the Skorpios and Sparti of Onassis, Skorpidi, Meganissi and the peninsula of Aghias Kiriakis, where the German Homerist archaeologist Wilhelm Dorpfeld proposed the theory that the island Nidri, off the southest coast of Lefkada was the real historical Ithaka, home of Odysseus.

You should visit the magnificent canyon of Dimosari with the spectacular waterfalls, the Red Church in Platistoma and the Monastery of Archangel Asomatos Michael.. You will enjoy swimming in Mikros Gialos of Poros and in Desimi.

Municipality of Ellomenos: 26453 61100
31100, Nidri

Municipality of Karya

Mountainous and beautiful, Municipality of Karya, bursts with dark green of nature that hospitable inhabitants cared of and preserved. Municipality of Karya, consists of 3 villages: Karya, Englouvi and Pigadisanous.

Karya has marvelous traditional stone houses, wonderful narrow streets and unique squares with perennial planes, where you can enjoy drinking your coffee or ouzo.

Karya’s inhabitants are kind, polite and hospital. The women wearing traditional costumes excite the visitor for shooting some photos. Its distance from the town of Lefkada is 14 km and 7 km from the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada and Greece. A magnificent ride for the visitor…

Karya, the seat of the homonym municipality, is the largest village of Lefkada. Karsanika needleworks are famous worldwide, perfectly needled by the village’s women. Rich in tradition has preserved many traditional customs, organizing the festival of the Traditional Wedding, every August.

The visitor can taste Englouvi’s lentils and be astonished by the tableland of Aghios Donatos, the well known Voltous, stone domed constructions of Englouvi used as farmhouses, where the inhabitants lived in the summertime.

 Municipality of Karya: 26453 61200
31080, Karya

Municipality of Sfakiotes

Municipality of Sfakiotes covers the central and northwest part of the Prefecture of Lefkada , consisting of 7 Communities: Lazarata (municipality’s seat), Spanochori, Pinakochori, Kavalos, Asprogerakata, Drimonas, Exanthia.

Its villages are built in rich green scenery, as beautiful jewelries in this unique environment. Small stone houses, full of flowers, gates leading to small traditional rooms… Olive Groves, fertile gardens, and long vineyards are composing this scenery.

In Sfakiotes, you will meet many interesting churches with stone church towers. Also, it worth’s visiting the Folklore Museum in Kavalo, where tools and objects from many traditional crafts and occupations are excibited, a representation of rooms in a traditional house of Lefkada, textiles and costumes, and an admirable collection of old photos. If you are a lover of nature, you will adore the Melissa Gorge and its surroundings where you will meet many stone bridges, springs and wells.

Municipality of Sfakiotes: 26453 61400
31080, Lazarata
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Municipality of Meganissi

Meganissi is a scenic island of Ionian Sea, 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada. It is the biggest island of a complex (Skorpios, Skorpidi, Thilia, Kithros and more), composing the administrative district of the Municipality of Meganissi  (Tafion), called Tilevoides, consisting of 3 scenic villages: Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori.

Municipality’s seat is Katomeri. The traditional architecture of its settlements, the hospitable inhabitants, its quite life, its lavish landscapes, the scenic bays with the fish taverns, the restaurants and entertainment, the magical view, the crystal waters, compose a paradise for summer holidays.

Aghios Ioannis, Spilia, Pasoumaki, Ampelakia, Atherinos, Faros, Limonari, Elia, Loutrolimni and Bereta are the most well known beaches of the island and along with the Papanikolis and Giovani Caves create a perfect tourist attraction for a sea ride. Every year, full of locals and tourists, with an excellent sea tourist development, offers luxurious hotels, rooms to rent and apartments.

Municipality of Meganissi: 26453 61300
31083, Katomeri
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