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Municipal Sections of Lefkada

Municipality of Lefkada

Municipality of Lefkada consists of 7 Communities (Lefkada, Apolpena, Tsoukalades, Aghios Nikitas, Kalamitsi, Alexandros, Nikiana, Katouna-Ligia, Kariotes). The town of Lefkada is the capital of the Prefecture and the main gate of the island. It is the economic and administrative seat of the Prefecture of Lefkada, surrounded by the ravishing water mirrors: the channel and the lagoon.

myladminMunicipal Sections of Lefkada
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Archaeological places & Museums

The castle of Aghia Mavra: The caste of Aghia Mavra is located at the entrance of the island. It is one of the most imposing medieval buildings of Greece, representing the fortification art of this period. It was built around 1300 from a Frank leader, Ioannis Orsini, when he took Lefkada as a wedding gift for his wedding with the daughter of Epirus Bishop Nikiforos A.

myladminArchaeological places & Museums
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