Since 2010 the taxi Lefkada, providing high quality services to residents and visitors, with responsibility and professionalism.

Our story

Lefkas Radiotaxi started to operate its services since 2010. The need of an organized transport and service network was a must in a highly tourist developed island, in order to constitute for a perfect ally in the needs of all the Lefkadians as well.

Our main purpose was the absolute safety of the transfers and the accuracy based on the experience, kindness and quick service of our drivers. Lefkas Radiotaxi, was created in order to cover the big gap in the organized transports in the island all over the year.

Our fleet consists of 16 members, all with new owned cars always ready and willing to serve the public. We offer safety to the transfer and transportation of all the passengers, 24 hours per day, all over the year. Our members are kind, totally confident and they all speak foreign languages for the direct and better communication with all our foreign speaking customers.

Our daily contact with people from all over the word in a highly developed touristic place like Lefkada, offers us another important experience which is necessary in order to improve our services and open new routes of communication with the public.

Trust Lefkas Radiotaxi and give us the opportunity to improve. We are ready and willing to discuss all your notices and give to our association the ability to become the number one service network for the passengers that use taxi for their transfer across West Greece.

Our capacities


Why choose us?

Lefkas Radiotaxi was created and powered by experienced and reliable professional drivers always available at your convenience.

All our cars are qualified with the safety rules of KOK while they randomly checked for occasional damages, which are always fixed in the minimum time requested.

Our biggest satisfaction is when we are able to cover your needs. That’s why we adjust our services to each customer specifically!

Our drivers are all professional, with great experience while they are constantly informed and trained for all the latest progress in their field.

We respect every customer and that’s the reason we treat with kindness all the passengers and but also all other people that use the road network generally.

Our drivers

Experience, kindness, professionalism and privacy are the main characteristics of our crew.

Πέτρος Ρομποτής

Ταξί No. 2

Petros Rompotis

Taxi No. 2

Χρήστος Φερεντίνος

Ταξί Νο. 3

Christos Feredinos

Taxi Νο. 3

Gerasimos Melas

Taxi No. 4

Γεράσιμος Μελάς

Ταξί No. 4

Dionisis Lazaris

Taxi No. 6

Διονύσης Λάζαρης

Ταξί No. 6

Giorgos Vlasopoulos

Taxi No. 7

Γιώργος Βλασσόπουλος

Ταξί No. 7

Kostantinos Kopsidas

Taxi No. 8

Κωνσταντίνος Κοψιδάς

Ταξί Νο. 8

Dimitris Konidaris

Taxi No. 9

Δημήτρης Κονιδάρης

Ταξί Νο. 9

Γιώργος Γλένης

Ταξί Νο. 10

Giorgos Glenis

Taxi No. 10